Table of content:

  1. Why your online store needs an image gallery?

  • Giving customers the perception of plentiful choices

  • Keeping it short and sweet with instant information

  • SEO friendly

  • Images are shareable

  • Make your website more visually inviting

  1. Tips to optimize your image gallery 

  • Choose the suitable layout

  • Use high-quality images

  • Make it easy to navigate 

  • User-friendly and mobile responsive

  • Bring genuine customer experience

  1. Examples of good visual merchandising using image galleries

  • Old Navy

  • Shopee

  • ETQ

In retail, nothing in a brick and mortar store is established randomly. Gorgeous mannequins, dazzling window displays and elaborate store decorations are all deliberate attempts to stimulate shoppers’ shopping inspiration. So, when retail goes online, can those visual appeals and branded experiences be retained?

Why your ecommerce store needs an Image Gallery? 

An image gallery is a collection of all your high-quality product images arranged in a certain layout. Every online shopping store should have an Image Gallery due to its benefits. 

  1. Giving customers the perception of more choices

More choices mean more freedom. And more freedom ultimately makes us happier. That’s why people work hard to enable themselves to have more alternative options for a more comfortable and convenient life. When online retail booms, customers are provided with more choices than ever and gradually they assume it is a norm to have plentiful options. A web design should apply this basic concept to improve its user experience.

  1. Keeping it short and sweet with instant information

“A picture’s worth a thousand words”. Given the fact that human brain processes visual 60000 times faster than text, a bright and beautiful snapshot of the product will be customers’ first impression and give customers relevant information about the product qualities faster and more credibly than any forms of text. Every product disguises a specific story or message behind masked by a colorful and dazzling appearance that the sellers or manufacturers want to transmit to customers

  1. A powerful tool to optimize SEO

While it is hard to think of SEO without keywords, it worths concerning that images also have a powerful effect on your site’s visibility on the search engine. Each picture always goes with title and alt-text that can be tailored to boost your page’s organic search ranking by giving google spiders more information to index. 

  1. Images are easy to share and spread

It is not rare to see regular social-media-savvy people and celebrities taking photos of their possessions and purchases for bragging, trading and sharing on the social media. Humans love gossiping. That’s why there are so many groups and forums created online as a place for people to talk and share their experiences. And, the frequency of photo sharing in these online communities is incredible.

  1. Making your website more visually inviting

Visitors’ first impression with the website really matters. People will stay longer if they find your site engaging and you are more likely to convert them. One of the key elements to make your site more visually appealing is pictures and the layout in which they are organized. The way web admins arrange and sorts images into a layout or place the image gallery is like the way sellers merchandising their products.